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Fastest limo in the world - a stretch Ferrari

Dan Cawley from Cheadle did what no one in the right mind would even consider, he bought a Ferrari and cut it clean in half. Dan knew what he was doing though and managed to create the worlds fastest limo with a top speed of 166 miles per hour. This video was a hit with several newspaper websites.

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The strange Cotswold tradition of shin kicking

For nearly 400 years the annual Cotswold Olympicks has featured the sport of shin kicking. Not practiced anywhere else in the world the winner is the one who knocks his opponent down by kicking away his shins. This made great video footage which we sold to a TV production company.

Baby Gibbon raised by hand

This baby Gibbon raised by hand after its mother rejected it is one of our favourite videos and was a massive hit with the newspaper websites.

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