Selling your video, clips and footage can be a very easy way of earning extra cash, whether for you or a chosen charity.

The most common question we are asked when approached is ‘how much is my video worth?

It’s a near impossible question to answer because your payment will depend on who uses your videos, how much of the footage, on what site or forum, etc. Publications pay set rates for using footage, but the fee system is fairly complicated as it depends on all of the variables mentioned above.

However, you can track all payments using our online account manager to see exactly what you’ve made in real time. If in doubt, our collections team are on hand to tell you how much your video clip has made.


Perhaps due to hearsay, Twitter gossip and press coverage of huge celebrity exclusives, a handful of people who approach the media have unrealistic expectations of what a video will fetch in terms of fees.

It is worth remembering that most publications are run on a very tight budget (and some on a shoestring), even large publications like the Sun Newspaper are continually facing budget cuts as more people find their news online.

Circulations and printed sales are falling due to competition from online sources (which pay a lot less for content).

Selling a video can be lucrative, affording you a nice holiday that new television, or a generous donation to a charity of your choice, but it is rarely a life changing sum of money, so put those retirement plans on hold!

Remember, SWNS has tens of staff photographers who supply hundreds of videos and images to the press each week.  If they were making life-changing sums of money from each one, we’d all be sipping cocktails on a yacht (but instead our photographers are working day and night).

That said, SWNS cannot be beaten in terms of fees or reach, and we will make sure that you squeeze every penny of potential income from your videos and camera footage.

Our experienced and friendly team can advise you on what you can expect in terms of fees from your specific clips, and the best way to go about getting them out there. You can track where you footage has been shown, and how much money your video clip has made.


Anything you send us will not be used until you have agreed to our Ts & Cs and are happy to go ahead.  Our Terms and Conditions are in place to protect you and us.  They ensure you retain copyright and will be paid for your footage, and they set out our straight-forward terms of business to avoid any confusion (predominantly asking for your permission to share your content). You can read them here.